Research Area

 Our research focus is on the design and analysis of wireless communications. Recent interests are the design of integrated non-terrestrial network such as satellite and UAV.

Funded Research Projects

1. Research for 6G Cellular Backhaul of Free Space Optical Communication Testbed, (PI) 

2. Future Combat System Network Technology, (PI for 3rd Division)

3. University IT Research Center (ITRC): Center for Ultra-Secure Quantum Technology

4. Research on LEO Inter-Satellite Links, (PI)

5. 6G STAR: Space-Terrestrial Augmented Networks Research Center

Research Videos

1. Massive MIMO using Machine Learning Techniques

2. FSO Testbed

3. Low Latency Waveform Design

4. Beam Tracking Algorithm for UAV Communications

5. Channel modeling of FSO Systems

6. Renewable Energy-Enabled Cellular Networks

7. Random Access Protocol Learning for LEO Satellite Networks