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The Communication System Lab (CommSys) at Korea University covers the design and optimization of wireless communication systems. Our current research emphasis are on low latency cellular systems, short and long range mm-wave wireless systems, Tera Hz wireless systems for personal communications, and free-space optical wireless systems. Specifically, we develop the synchronization techniques and beamforming techniques in various systems. We also have many set-ups using NI USRP and test boards for the experiments up to 60GHz carrier frequency and are still developing  Tera Hz and free-space optical communication systems for the real experiments.


Here are a list of some funded research topics:

1.       The next generation WLAN system design, IITP, (2015. 4. - 2019. 2), PI

2.       Tactile internet  cellular system design, IITP (2016. 4 - 2019. 2), Co-PI

3.       Smart spectrum utilization, IITP (2016. 6 -  2018. 12), Participant

4.       Smart quantum communications, IITP (2017. 6 - 2019. 12), Participant

5.       Tera Hz electronic device, ADD (2015. 11 - 2021.10), Participant

6.       Long range mm-wave wireless communication systems, ADD (2016. 11 - 2022. 10), Co-PI


We also have some other funds from industries and ADD.